Before they were NFL Stars, they were XPE Combine Standouts

1) Safety Eric Berry – All-Pro/ Pro Bowl, NFL Comeback Player of the Year and became the first $100M Safety in the NFL.

NFL Network Top Performer of ENTIRE NFL Combine

2010 XPE Combine Results – 40 #2, Vertical #1 (#3 All Time), Broad #1 (#9 All Time)


2) RB Devonta Freeman – Pro Bowl and Super Bowl Starter and highest paid RB in the NFL in 2017 with a 5 yr/ $41M contract.

“RB Devonta Freeman had an excellent workout relative to expectations showing he was faster than anticipated.”  SB Nation; also Top Performer in Shuttle

3) DE Vic Beasley – All-Pro/ Pro Bowl and led the NFL in sacks in 2016.

2015 XPE Combine Results – 40 #1. Bench #1 (#3 All Time), Vertical #3 (#8 All Time), Broad #3 (#8 All Time), 3 Cone #4, Shuttle #4

4) TE Travis Kelce – All-Pro/ Pro Bowl and highest paid TE contract in 2016 with a 5 yr/ $47M contract.

Travis came to XPE and was diagnosed with a Sports Hernia and required surgery.  Post Op he trained with XPE and had a private Pro Day for scouts where he ran 4.58-4.63 40 at 255 pounds with a Vertical of 35, Broad of 10’4″, 3 Cone of 7.0.

5) DB Stephon Gilmore – Pro Bowl and 2nd highest paid DB in the NFL with a contract in 2017 with the Patriots for 5 yrs/ $65M.

2012 XPE Combine Results – 40 #3, Shuttle #2 (#11 All Time), 3 Cone #4 (#14 All Time), and also a Top Performer in Bench, Vertical, and Broad.

6) LB LaVonte David – All Pro/ Pro Bowl LB who signed a 5 yr/ $50M contract in 2015.  Had an article done about him in Sports Illustrated about his training on the SHREDmill.

2012 XPE Combine Results – Top Performer in 40, Vertical, Broad, Shuttle.

7) WR Pierre Garcon – MVP of AFC Championship with Colts, Led the NFL in Catches with Redskins, signed a 5 yr/ $42M contract with Redskins followed by a 5 yr/ $47M contract with 49ers.

2008 XPE Combine Results – Top Performer in 40, Bench #3, Vertical #4, Broad, and Shuttle

2017 was no different than any other year:

XPE once again dominated the DB group with the FASTEST CB EVER Jalen Myrick who ran a 4.28 Laser.  He also was a Top Performer in Vertical (#6) and Broad (#10).

S Josh Jones (fastest official hand time) had the #2 40 Yard Dash (#6 EVER), #2 Broad (#5 EVER), and #3 Vertical along with the #1 Bench Press.

DB Quincy Wilson posted an impressive size/speed ratio with a 4.5 Laser 40 Yard Dash at 212 pounds with the 3rd best Shuttle time at 4.02s along with being a Top Performer in the Bench Press.

-XPE sent 2 RBs and 1 WR and two of the three got a 4.4 Laser 40 (RB Dalvin Cook and WR Ardarius Stewart) and all 3 were Top Performers on multiple tests.

-Dalvin Cook was a Top Performer in the 40 with a 4.4 Laser and his 22 reps on Bench were 4th best.

-XPE’s ONLY OL was Forrest Lamp who had the #1 Overall Graded Combine Workout as he was Top 5 in almost every test.  He became the first Guard drafted in the 2017 Draft.

40 Yard Dash #4, Bench #2, Broad #3, 3 Cone #5, Shuttle #7

-XPE once again had a 1st Round DLineman in Derek Barnett.  This was the 8th year in a row with a DLineman in the 1st Round.

Carl Lawson Jr. made RESULT history like Vic Beasley as Carl was strongest of ENTIRE Combine (35 reps) along with having a #1 Shuttle of ALL DLinemen. He also was a Top Performer in the 40 Yard Dash (#8) with a 4.6 Laser at 261 pounds and also Top 10 in Vertical.

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