Pro Training

Pro Training

All of XPE Pro and Combine Athletes PAY TO TRAIN, are NOT PAID FOR ENDORSEMENTS or quotes, and ALL QUOTES ARE UNSCRIPTED and unsolicited.

Many professional athletes have use XPE’s training to not only take them, but keep their game at the next level. These athletes include NFL, MLB, and NBA 1st round picks along with numerous World Champions and All-Pro/ All-Stars (click here for “high profile” client list)..

  • NFL players typically train throughout the spring but crank it up a notch the end of June and into July. They normally have enough time to make it through the entire training progressions.
  • MLB players typically use the month of February to get in shape for Spring Training and a long season. Increases in speed, power, and stressing injury prevention are the key aspects.
  • NBA players use a lot of the agility and explosive progressions in a way that improves their performance along with their overall conditioning. A lot of basketball players also need a lot of strength gains in the offseason.
  • UFC fighters have used the training techniques to increase their athleticism and increase their overall strength, power, flexibility, and conditioning. The routines are set up to stress lactic acid tolerance so they can maintain a high pace for their 5 minute rounds

Whatever your sport, XPE is the right training approach for you!

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