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Position Specific Stats

Is it about Combine Training and RESULTS?

Or is it about Off-Season Training and RESULTS?

The following athletes below experienced both and have trained EVERY off-season after Combine

S Eric Berry

Top Performer in 40 #2, Vertical #1 EVER, Broad #1

  • First Round Pick (Top 5), Highest Drafted Saftey since 1992
  • 4 X Pro Bowl, 2 X All Pro
  • NFL Comeback Player of the Year
  • Has made over $60 Million in his 7 year career and about to hit Free Agency

WR Pierre Garcon

Top Performer 40, Vertical #4, Broad, Shuttle, Bench #3

  • Undrafted Projection (D3 School) to 6th Round Drafted
  • MVP AFC Championship, Led NFL Catches in 2013
  • Signed a 5 Year and $42 Million Contract in Year 4 and is about to hit Free Agency AGAIN

LaVonte David

Top Performer 40, Vertical, Broad, Shuttle

  • They thought he was going to be a Safety but drafted as a LB in 2nd Round
  • Pro Bowl and All-Pro LB that has averaged over 140 tackes/ year
  • Signed a 5 Year and $50 Million Contract after his rookie contract was over

DL Corey Liuget

DT’s compared to DE’s so no Top Performer

  • 3rd Round NFL Grade to 18th Overall Pick
  • Signed a 5 Year and $51 Million Contract after earning $8 Million in his rookie contract

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