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NFL Combine Training

NFL Combine Prep 2020

With over 50 years of combined NFL Combine Prep experience, the XPE staff (Tony Villani, Andrew Spruill, Bill Welle, and Matt Gates) has extensive training knowledge to help prepare any incoming athlete for the rigors of the NFL Combine and their respective Pro Days.

Numerous draft picks choose XPE as their training destination, resulting in proven improvements in all testing protocols. Please verify for yourself, by using the official NFL results, that we are the best in the business.

We hope to see you in early 2020! Space is limited, apply today by using the contact form at the bottom of this page. Every year we have to turn away top talent in order to maintain our level of quality by keeping the group to a small size. Quality over Quantity is a foundation of everything we do at XPE.

What is all included in the combine training package.
We have everything taken care of. All of your training, medical, massage, physical therapy, chiropractic, stretch therapy, food, training, position training and interview prep is taken care of by our staff. All you have to do is show up, train hard and reap the benefits!
Which airport do I fly into?
For our Fort Lauderdale location, Fort Lauderdale International is closest and usually the cheapest in South Florida. If you're training at our Boca location you can fly into Palm Beach International or Fort Lauderdale.
Will I get a rental car?
Yes, your agent will set up your rental car through us. We have great deals on cars.
How will I get to my hotel from the airport?
Normally a quick Uber is the best way to get to your hotel until your rental car is available.
What does my training week look like?
Please see the following link which contains our marketing packet for this year and contains a lot of relevant info regarding schedule and our program overall. Click Here to Download the 2020 Package PDF
Will I have free time to visit family and friends?
Quick answer is no. For a couple reasons. We have every minute of your week planned for training and recovery AND we need total focus on training only for 7-8 weeks so we can prepare you to the best of our abilities and make sure to optimize your draft stock to the highest dollar value possible. Family and friends need to understand that this 2 month period is the most important of your life and allow you to focus solely on this process.
How long does the combine prep program last?
Depends on when the athletes bowl game ends. The longer we have to prepare an athelte the better he usually does. Our normal program is designed to last 8 weeks, but depending on bowl games and all star games, sometimes we only have 6 weeks to train. We still get amazing results in that amount of time but we recommend 8 weeks if possible.
What does a typical day look like?
We normally have two groups. One reports around 730 am and another around 9 am. Each group will be in our building for around 8 hours each day after all their recovery and medical has been completed.
What kind of results do you get?
Best question that could be asked! No one in the industry compares, just look up the results and you'll see for yourself. As far as 40 yd dash, our typical results over the last 10 years has been .2 - .3 off on average. If someone tells you they get .3 or better every year they're lying to you. We own several individual position ALL TIME 40 records as well as 2 of the 5 fastest EVER. See our marketing packet for other event results (they're equally as impressive as our 40 results). Do your homework on whatever facility you choose because there is a lot of misinformation (lying) being put out there in the training industry right now.
Where will I live?
We have suite hotels set up where each athlete will have their own 750 sq ft suite with a full kitchen as well as apartment options in various locations around south Florida.
How many athletes do you take?
We have two locations in south Florida about 20 minutes apart and we take around 20 athletes per location and we split those 20 up into two groups. We believe in quality over quantity. It's the only way you can produce results like we consistently do. You won't be in a group of 20-30 athletes if you choose XPE like you would at other "big facilities."
Will you be at the combine?
Yes!! We fully support our athletes at the combine with a full team of trainers, therapists and our medical personnel. We'll be there with you to make sure you stay in your routine and crush the combine.
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