NFL Combine Prep

XPE NFL Combine Prep for 2018

With over 55 years of NFL Combine Prep experience, the XPE staff (Tony Villani, Bill Welle, and Matt Gates) has extensive training knowledge to help prepare any incoming athlete for the rigors of the NFL Combine or their respective Pro Days. Numerous draft picks have chosen XPE as their training destination, resulting in proven improvements in all testing protocols.  PLEASE NOTICE HOW WE PROMOTE RESULTS in the following 2 links …

Shane Ray at XPE Sports on Hey Rookie, courtesy of ESPN/ NFL Network

NFL Up! by NFL Network - Phillip Dorsett at NFL Combine

(as of June 2015) —>

XPE/ Villani Decade 1 Highlights and SHREDmill Intro to the World

NON Combine Clients into XPE SHREDmill Believers:

  • “Tony has helped me tremendously, just from the techniques of running and how to run on the SHREDmill they invented.  You can see people’s stride length and power improve.” All-Pro Super Bowl Champ WR Anquan Boldin
  • “Concerning Combine, I researched it and all of Tony’s guys tested well, especially in the last few years.  Tony does a great job and that is why I am here.”  Heisman Trophy Winner Pro Bowl RB Mark Ingram
  • “I formerly trained at numerous places, then I kept looking at who had the best results Combine wise, and it was a landslide…Tony Villani had the best results every year.” Pro Bowl DB Brandon Flowers

XPE SHREDmill Life – Trademarked & Patented

From XPE Combine to XPE NFL Success:

  • “Working on the SHREDmill and working the little details helped my get my stride and power back after ACL surgery.” S Eric Berry – All-Pro, Pro Bowl, Top 5 Overall Pick
  • “I had a great Combine experience with Tony and that made me stick with him throughout my entire NFL Career.” WR Pierre Garcon – MVP AFC Championship, Led NFL in Receptions 2013
  • “I chose Tony because I looked at his track history of great results.” LB LaVonte David – All-Pro
  • “He gets results and that is all you want. He gets you moving like a better athlete.” DB Byron Maxwell – Super Bowl Champion
  • “The SHREDmill really helped me going into the Combine and is an entirely different way to train for speed.” WR Travis Benjamin – #1 40 Yard of 2013 Combine
  • “The SHREDmill is as advertised and I feel like I have another gear.” DB Kareem Jackson – 1st Round Pick
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